Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 Reaons I Want a Husband Like my Son

Weird title, I know... but it intrigued you to read my blog didn't it? No this blog is not what it seems to be or sounds like, but its true.. I want a husband that is like my one and a half year old son. Trust me, it'll all come together as you keep reading. It honestly is so true when they say there is no love like a mother and son. I think it is the same concept when it comes to a daughter and father. You become their first love, and they become yours. So here are my reasoning's...

1. He loves my unconditionally
He loves me day in and day out. I wake up in the mornings and get sweet kisses and hugs. He love me unconditionally and I love him unconditionally. He also knows when I need love. I swear one day I was so upset with a circumstance with his father, and my son literally just hugged my neck for 10 minutes when I got him out of the car. He just held me. I was on my knees outside, and I honestly feel like Cannon knew I was upset. He didn't say anything or move, but was there for me when I needed him and made everything better within moments.

2.  He motivates me
I now have the biggest motivator in my life. My son makes me want to do my all out best in every aspect of my life. I want a man that makes me feel the same way. That pushes me to be my best, and do my best. He encourages me and gives me strength to push through every circumstance or obstacle I face and overcome it at the end of the day. He never slows me down or belittles me, it's always the opposite and for that I am thankful.

3. He compliments me
I am my best when I am with him. He brings out the best in me. He makes me happy, giddy, thankful, determined, hard working and on cloud 9 24/7.

4. I fall for him more and more every day
I have never loved something more in my life than I do my son. No matter what he does, I fall for him more and more everyday whether I want to or not. It just happens. I hope to find someone one day that makes me fall for him more everyday and gives me the type of love that I am excited to wake up to and have.

5. He knows where the line is...
He knows where the line is drawn and what is not okay. He may pass it and test the waters but he at least is aware of that line. He may aggravate me and step over it sometimes, but when he does he comes back to me asking for forgiveness. In the end he somehow makes me forget all about it, and then reminds me about how much I love him. He learns from mistakes and we forgive each other.

6. He is my "partner in crime" and "sidekick"
He may whine and not want to go shopping, but in the end he deals with all my little errands and goes on shopping trips with me just because he knows it makes me happy. He is willing to be my tag along and most of the time if you see me, you see him. We spend our days together simply because we love being around each other and time together is time well spent.

7. He is never lazy
He wakes up at the crack of dawn ready to go for the day. He somehow makes my mornings worthwhile..even on Mondays. Also, when he gets up he is a hard worker. He impresses me daily by his strong willed nature and determined attitude to figure out things or start something new. He is busy all day solving puzzles, drawing up plans, and building Lego skyscrapers. By lunch time he has worked SO hard all morning, he usually is ready for nap, but he deserves it. The good thing about his naps though, he wakes up ready to go at it again. He never gives up, and "works" hard all day long. He is simply the most impressive man I have ever seen.

8. I'm never bored with him
He never ceases to keep me entertained or laughing. He is always making me smile and we never get bored together. We go outside, go hiking, go on trips, go on dates, go to the pool, go shopping, dance together, go to the park, or just simply cuddle and watch Santa Clause movies. He never ceases to amaze me with all his "date" ideas, and never bores me. I look forward to every moment I have with him.

9. He shows me my worth with every breath I take
On the day my son was born, my eyes were wide open to reality. He has shown me what I deserve in my life, and also what he deserves. I realized that I wanted someone who would love and respect me at all times, and be a role model for him as he grew to become a man. I realized that I wanted to be with someone that I would be proud of if Cannon grew up to be just like him. He has shown me what unconditional love looks and feels like, and made me want the same in a husband one day.

10. He helps me out
Okay, granted I am talking about a one and a half year old here.. but he is so smart and helpful. He knows when to put things in the trash or clean up his toys. Before we left the house the other day my son made sure to turn the small trashcan the right side up before he went out the door. He loves to help out his mommy around the house!

John 16:21 "When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world."

 Merry CHRISTmas from me and baby C

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