Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Teachers Pet

I currently have a nanny job, and she has found out that I am a very crafty person and that I love to do DIY things. So she asked me to make these mason jars for her two sons in elementary school and their teachers. Its so simple, I made these with sharpies and smarties and as you can see the top says "thank you for making us Smarties & Sharpies". I think homemade gifts to teachers are so much sweeter than something bought from a store. You could also do this same idea with Sweethearts, and say something like "thank you for being such a Sweetheart to (insert child's name)". All you need is a mason jar, some candy, paper, ribbon and a hot glue gun and you can have a cute teachers gift that anyone could make! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cheetah Mom

Well I am officially six months prego as of last Wednesday, yay. Counting down, it seems like it is seriously flying by. I'm in love with all my maxi dresses of course at this point, and its just one of the most comfortable things to wear at this point and still look fabulous going out. I have maxi dresses and a few maxi maternity skirts that are just wonderful and I would definitely recommend as an essential for that growing prego belly, plus you can re-wear maxi things after baby which is a win win!

Black maxi dress- Victorias Secret, cheetah top- TJ Maxx, Cheetah Flats- Rack Room Shoes, Michael Kors Watch

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Look for the day

Friday, March 1, 2013

22 week update

Considering I am just now starting my blog, I already am 22 weeks pregnant, 5.5 months. Over half way there, yay! But just recently is finally when I popped and woke up looking pregnant too. I haven't had anything until maybe two weeks ago, I got the belly and the kicking all in one. Being so small already my doctor told me that I would end up popping about this time, and she was definitely right. I have had three ultrasounds, one extra because he moves so much they didn't get all the necessary pictures for the doctor. It's been such an easy pregnancy too, I couldn't complain about one thing.
How far along: 22 weeks, 5.5 months

Gender: Boy

Total Weight Gain: only 4 pounds!

Maternity Clothes: Oh all the way now, they are so much more comfortable and luckily I have had some great hand me downs of all the essentials. Who needs to spend money on clothes they will wear for 9 months?

Stretch Marks: not yet, moisturising moisturising (fingers crossed)

Sleep: eh not so great, one night I will sleep amazing! Then the next, its just I toss and turn and just cannot get comfortable at all. I have a Leachco Grow to Sleep - Adjustment Body pillow though... looks intense, but it seriously helps.

Movement: One of the absolute best feelings is when you finally get to feel your baby moving and kicking. My little man is a mover too, he is non stop it seems like. This just started within the last two weeks and it is so surreal. Garrett even got a feel.

Belly Button: Considering I already had an outie, my outie is even a more intense outie now!

Moods: Happy! I just am so excited, I don't feel like I have been one of those crazy emotional wreck kinda pregnant women. Everything has been so easy for me, no sickness, no nothing! Its been wonderful.

Looking forward too: Starting my complete DIY nursery which I will be posting all about. I am making everything, even my bedding because I just could not find boys bedding that I liked well enough so I have some great ideas that I can't wait to share!

Not looking forward too: Getting my glucose test next appointment in March!

Nutrition/ Workouts: I walk so much at school, that is honestly a great way to get my exercise. Its recommended for pregnant women to exercise by just taking a nice walk, and I do that constantly. I also will go get on the elliptical occasionally and do some strength training. Nutrition, I try to be as healthy as possible. I do splurge but every so often when I might have a slight craving, but I really try to eat as healthy as possible. The whole "eating for two" myth is not real, as long as you're never hungry and adding about 300 calories a day that's plenty for a mommy and baby.

Baby Bean

Ultrasound 2: 17 weeks: Its a BOY!


Baby bean at 22 weeks, his profile picture! Its amazing to have seen the growth just from the first ultrasound where he looked like a gummy bear to now, where he actually looks like a full fledged baby. I get so excited for ultrasounds, it's so fun to be able to look at your baby. We have a perfectly healthy baby and mommy so far, and praying for that to continue.
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